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A probation violation does not require a jury to determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.Rapper Kodak Black is accused of committing sexual battery at a hotel in Florence, South Carolina, after performing a show in February."He was looking at us, eyeing us up and down."Holvey, Jessica Leeds, and Rachel Crooks, who appeared together on Kelly's show, are three of at least 16 who have accused Trump of sexual harassment dating back three decades, with allegations that range from groping and unwanted kissing to making lewd propositions.Trump has repeatedly rejected the claims, dismissing his accusers as liars and denying that he has ever been inappropriate with women, despite a bombshell 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which he can be heard bragging about kissing women and grabbing them "by the pussy." Although the president initially apologized for those remarks, calling it "locker room talk," he has recently suggested that it is not actually his voice on the tape.Before the story was published, Trump had told the Times that "none of this ever took place," and began shouting at the reporter who was questioning him. Leeds told Kelly that the stewardess asked her if she wanted to come up to first class and she agreed.Leeds said she was seated next to Trump, but at the time, she didn't know who he was."They served a meal and after the meal was cleared, all of a sudden he was all over me," Leeds said. And believe me my memory of it was that nothing was said..was just this silent groping going on."She had previously told the Times that Trump "was like an octopus" and, "His hands were everywhere."Leeds said that she wondered why the man sitting across the aisle from her or the stewardess did not come to her rescue."His hand started going up my skirt," Leeds said. I managed to wiggle out and stand up, grabbed my purse and I went back to the airplane."She said that a few years later she bumped intro Trump and his first wife Ivana Trump at a fundraising gala in New York City.In an interview on Sunday, Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said the women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment and misconduct “should be heard" or "dealt with."However, on Monday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders the president has "addressed these accusations directly and denied all of these allegations.""Look, as the president said himself, he thinks it's a good thing that women are coming forward, but he also feels strongly that a mere allegation shouldn't determine the course and in this case," Sanders told reporters during a briefing.

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"He comes in like he owns the place and like he owns you," Holvey said.Crooks told Kelly she was "shocked and devastated" after the alleged encounter.She said she ran back to her office while Trump got on the elevator. She said he told her he was going to give it to his modeling agency and have them call her.In a statement to Kelly on Monday, the White House again labeled the allegations as "false claims.""The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes and the publicity tour that has begun only further confirms the political motives behind them," the statement added.Crooks told Kelly the White House response was "laughable."Crooks, whose account was published in the New York Times last October, said she first encountered Trump in 2005 when she was 22 years old and working as a receptionist for a development company with offices in New York City's Trump Tower.The crime carries a punishment of up to 30 years in prison.Police have released no further details about the incident.Lucie County and the other involved a felony charge of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina South Carolina authorities had released no information about the charge until Tuesday."According to investigators, on or about February 7, 2016, Octave is alleged to have engaged in the sexual battery of the victim at a hotel located at 2120 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC," Major Michael M. 6, according to Drew Brown, promoter and owner of We On Ent., a South Carolina entertainment company.Nunn, a spokesman for the Florence County Sheriff's Office, wrote in the email. It was a popular weekend — Francis Marion University's homecoming — and Brown wanted an artist who would draw a crowd. "About 1,200 to 1,300 people came out to see him," Brown said.Recounting her story on Monday, Crooks told Kelly she decided to introduce herself to Trump while he was waiting for the elevator."He shook my hand and he kind of gave me the normal double-cheek kiss but then he held onto my hand and he kept kissing me," Crooks said."He kept asking me maybe a question, 'Where you from? It was right outside the elevators, right outside my office.


  1. Crime, law and justice, and police blotter near Kodiak, AK or anywhere in the US.

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