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Sheneneh dating show

Season 4, Episode 14January 7, 1996After Gina and Pam (Tichina Arnold) witness a robbery, they are placed under the not-so-watchful eye of a bodyguard. Season 4, Episode 15January 14, 1996A cash-strapped Pam marries an illegal alien (Luis Antonio Ramos) who's willing to pay for an American bride. Season 4, Episode 18February 15, 1996Tisha Campbell hosts a retrospective featuring highlights from the show's past four years. Season 4, Episode 19February 18, 1996Single Sheneneh appears on a dating game show, hoping to make a love connection with guest Chris Rock. ) Today’s news is that it now has (ulp) a distributor What do you think, is this a better or worse idea than a Les Grossman movie?

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Season 4, Episode 2September 16, 1995Momma overhears Gina (Tisha Campbell) discussing life insurance with a salesman and assumes that she's plotting to do in Martin for the money.

Season 4, Episode 22March 7, 1996Martin and an injured Pam (Tichina Arnold) get lost during a hiking trip, leaving Gina and Tommy to search for them with a clueless ranger (Danny Breen).

Season 4, Episode 23March 28, 1996Pam (Tichina Arnold) undergoes hypnosis to overcome her fear of dentists, but wakes up with a different personality...

Sets MUST include at least one of the following:- Pictures of scenes from the show or movie- A show or movie poster or DVD cover- The actor or actress in their role in the show or movie.

Sassy humor about a hip though decidedly chauvinistic talk-show personality; his girlfriend, with whom he has a very adversarial relationship; and his two best friends, who spend most of their time hanging out at his apartment.


  1. Jun 18, 2010. Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx dusted off their characters Sheneneh and Wanda for a bit at the BET Awards a while back video after the jump, and people seemed to like it. Since movie execs are braying jackasses who would try to make a movie out of literally anything people enjoy these days.

  2. Sep 5, 2012. First, let's recap; several years ago on the 2009 BET Awards there was a sketch that featured Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence starring as their past characters on their infamous shows- Sheneneh from the Martin show and Wanda from In Living Color. That sketch was so popular that there were immediate.

  3. In it and in the film resulting from it Sheneneh and Wanda team up to become bank robbers. And while I loved In Living Color and even liked Martin, they've inexplicably picked the two worst things about both shows and put them in the same film. If Jamie Foxx is ready to return to comedy he has much better characters and.

  4. Jul 22, 2013. Whether he was Jerome, Sheneneh or just plain ol crazy Martin, there were way too many funny episodes and moments to count from the show. But we decided to try anyway.

  5. Never miss Martin! Find out where and when you can watch the show on TV or online, get the best prices for DVDs and find details about the cast and crew. Here We Come. A TV talk-show job-offer allows Martin to join Gina in Los Angeles. After a fender bender, Sheneneh summons Tommy to court; guest Mark Curry.

  6. Jul 16, 2015. Martin was known to play plenty of characters from his show and one of his best was Sheneneh. She was his sassy neighbor who always had. There was one very special episode that featured Sheneneh as a contest winner who lands a date with Kid from Kid N' Play. Let's remember just how good Martin.

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