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Signs a guy likes you online dating

However, it isn’t an entirely uncommon situation that the first date goes really well, but things cool down a little bit after that.Under such circumstances it can be tough to know just what his feelings towards you are.The following advice will help you know what to look for and recognize signals that should tell you just how interested he is.When you are engaged in communication with someone on an online dating website then one of two things will have happened, either you’ll have approached a man whose profile caught your eye and he has responded, or you have been contacted by a man expressing an interest in you.It’s perfectly natural to have some doubt about the signals you are receiving as online messages can be hard to interpret.There are three key stages in online dating where you might find yourself questioning whether he wants the same things as you; the initial contact and early communications, the first date, and then anything that develops subsequently.

However, one of the big advantages of using an online dating website is that it can be easier to just come out and ask the question.If he is tending to respond fully to your messages within a day or two, then the chances are he does like you and is just playing it cool.If he doesn’t respond at all to your messages, or takes several days without offering an explanation, then it might be time to accept that it didn’t work out this time and move on.Similarly, if it was you who initiated contact, then it’s the nature of his response that should provide you with some clue as to his level of interest.If you receive a crafted reply that clearly shows he has looked at your profile following your contact and sent a personalized response, then it would be fair to conclude that he is genuinely interested.In either case, there’s some evidence to suggest that, at this early stage, he is in some way interested in you.If he has contacted you via your profile on a dating website, then the style of his message should give you some clue as to just how interested he his.If there’s no chemistry between you two and the date feels a bit flat, then the chances are he hasn’t fallen in love at first site.If the two of you get on brilliantly, the hours just fly by, and you really enjoy yourself, then the chances are any attraction you feel for him is reciprocated.One of the most obvious signs as to just how much he may like you is by how attentive he is to you.If he appears to be hanging on your every word and is genuinely interested in what you are telling him, then that’s obviously pretty positive.


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