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But for now, let’s find out how online criminals target various types of Internet users.

This may help you better understand why things happen as they do right now.

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These attacks get more refined by the day, as cyber criminals learn from their mistakes and tweak their malicious code to be stronger, more intrusive and better suited to avoid cyber security solutions.After that, her decryption key would be destroyed and any chance of accessing the 5,726 files on her PC — all of her data — would be lost forever. Some locker versions can even infect the Master Boot Record (MBR).The MBR is the section of a PC’s hard drive which enables the operating system to boot up.Wanna Cry leveraged a vulnerability in Windows OS, first discovered by the NSA, and then publicly revealed to the world by the Shadow Brokers.In the first few hours, 200,000 machines were infected.As families and variants multiply, you need to understand that you need at least baseline protection to avoid data loss and other troubles.Encrypting ransomware is a complex and advanced cyber threat which uses all the tricks available because it makes cyber criminals a huge amount of money. If you’re curious how it all started, it’s time to go over: It may be difficult to imagine, but the first ransomware in history emerged in 1989 (that’s 28 years ago).Ransomware creators and other cyber criminals involved in the malware economy are remorseless.They’ve automated their attacks to the point of targeting anyone and everyone.Cyber criminals are not just malicious hackers who want public recognition and are driven by their quest for cyber mischief.They’re business-oriented and seek to cash out on their efforts. The current conditions are a perfect storm which makes it the easiest and viable source of money for any malicious hacker out there: Cybercriminals soon realized that companies and organizations were far more profitable than users, so they went after the bigger targets: police departments, city councils and even schools and, worse, hospitals!


  1. I want you to be prepared, so you’ll never have to deal with the dreaded question of “should I pay the ransom or not?” My answer will always be a big, fat NO.

  2. The document set for the OfficeScan server includes Installation and Upgrade Guide A PDF document that discusses requirements and procedures for installing the.

  3. It is not only universities that are ‘encouraged’ to be entrepreneurial; since the year 2000 government-funded laboratories have also been given similar.

  4. Video Your antivirus may clash with Windows Meltdown-Spectre patch Microsoft won't let you install future security updates until your antivirus vendor sets a.

  5. Bulletin SB17-177 Vulnerability Summary for the Week of June 19, 2017 Original release date June 26, 2017

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