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Spititual dating ok ask dating to a concert

If you’ve dated much, you know it’s not easy finding someone like-minded, well-matched, and in sync with your spiritual beliefs.

But there’s even more pressure for people devoted to their Christian faith who want a spouse equally devoted to his or her Christian faith.

To further improve safety we have several rules on conduct in place.

We ask all members to observe and follow these to ensure the environment is warm, welcoming and that everybody is comfortable.

#5 LISTENING When on a date, practice active LISTENING. #6 STAYING IN THE FLOW: Getting out of our head and following our heart, our feelings and the current energy is the essence of staying in the flow.

Instead of planning out what we are going to say next, or worrying about how we look, active listening involves being 100% present and focused on the other person while they are speaking. When we are tapped into our Divinity, we know what to do, where to go, who to talk with, etc.


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