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Tamil brahmin dating

According to the “Hymn of the Primeval Man” in the Rig Veda, the god Prajapati (Lord of Beings), who is often identified with Brahma, the creator in the Hindu trinity – was sacrificed by his children.From this sacrifice the universe was produced, and the Brahmin originated from his mouth.The wider community would never accept the services of a non-Brahmin or lower caste priest.The Brahmin has always taken an active part in politics.Most Brahmin men usually abstain from alcohol and smoking but for women, it is strictly forbidden.It is customary for a Brahmin to be given a good feast at ceremonies.Despite this, Indian society continues to place a premium on the status at birth.The Brahmin’s traditional occupation is that of a priest. In Orissa, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, many Brahmin own land and practice agriculture, but an increasing number are also in white-collar jobs, government service, business, household industry and astrology.

However, over time, the two have maintained an alliance. ’ emphasizes that character and spiritual inclination, rather than caste is what makes a Brahmin.

Brahma-Bhojana or feeding Brahmins is a socio-spiritual obligation.

Literacy levels among the Brahmin both sexes are very high as compared to those of other communities.

The name Brahmin was given to the first specially trained priest who superintended the sacrifice.

By the end of the Rig Vedic period dating 1500-1000 BC, the term was used for all members of the priestly class. The Brahmins of the later Vedic period dating 900-600 BC were divided into exogamous clans that restricted matrimonial choice and dictated ritual.


  1. Define Tamil Brahmin. Tamil Brahmin synonyms, Tamil Brahmin pronunciation, Tamil Brahmin translation, English dictionary definition of Tamil Brahmin. n. 1. also Brahman A member of the highest of the four major castes of traditional Indian society, responsible for officiating at religious rites and.

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