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In other words they keep talking when they should just shut up. I knew about the short cut because it was part of the bike trail.

Lawyer up and you look guilty, shut up and you just look stupid. The trail started at a park about half a mile from the mall.

Oh what the hell, I thought, My life has always been complicated. The bodies and the money paled in comparison to the trouble five ex wives can cause a man. Even though I was acquitted of criminal wrong doing, it was suggested that if I wanted to avoid a civil rights trial I should resign.About that time there would be a lot more interest in the old cab driver. If I was the cop working the case, I would sure as hell look at that possibility.So I had to leave the money in my bank account alone. I had a small balance on the only card I ever used.I went with her to do her to do the laundry one night.I fed two bucks worth of quarters into a commercial dryer and let the pillow cases tumble for almost an hour. I was pretty sure the money would be dry enough to repackage by that time. The cops didn't know about the money yet, but the two dead men did. The thing for me to do was to just close the door to the apartment and walk away.Click here to read the first 75 lines of the story Since I wasn't a cop anymore, I decided that I would apply an even older law than those I used to enforce.I decided that it was a clear cut case of 'finders keepers'.I always swore that I would hike it all one day, but I usually walked no more than five miles. I walked from the mall parking lot because my car would not stand out there even at 1AM.From the park then past the mall, past the overlook and on to the spot behind a local church. Lots of out of town workers and college students parked their cars at the mall.Not only did they know, but some of their friends most likely knew did as well. I planned to get the hell out of town and to get so lost daylight would have a hard time finding me. The cops might figure out that I was on the run, or maybe not.Just as soon as the cops gave all the details to the press, someone would notice that there was no mention of a bag full of money. They might think I was in the wind or they might think some one killed me and hidden the body. They might not suspect me of skipping with the money.


  1. V2.10.01 UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091 Reply-To. Natali1 wants to see me on webcam. Van. Because you suspect this could be a dating scammer.

  2. Dating scammer Susan. UNREG Zelenodolsk. Só que logo ela retirou seu perfil de lá. já tentei falar com ela via webcam mas ela sempre se.

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  4. I'm going unreg. for this because I don't want people I know on other. perhaps we could keep this one to words of advice about safety and about internet dating.

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