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Updating itg for pc

For this DMP, has a discouragement policy, by not supplying enough information how to program the DMP.However, some have used reverse engineering to capture firmware.The header is on the right with the pins in this order: "5V", "3V3", "GND", "SCL", "SDA", "INT", "SYNC", "CLK", "ASCL", "ADSA".

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But the sensor also contains a 1024 byte FIFO buffer.

For serious use of the MPU-6050, Jeff Rowberg has done an excellent job.

See his The output of a 5V Arduino can not be used.

If they are 10k, two extra pull-up resistors of 10k to the 3.3V could be added (from the SDA and SCL to the 3.3V of the sensor board or the 3.3V of the Arduino).

A sensor board with the MPU-6050 and a magnetometer and barometer.


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