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Updating passport us

The first 4 pages contain instructions and important information about the renewal process.The 2 pages that are to be filled in have an estimated burden of 40 minutes but most applicants finish much faster.

Online Passport Renewal Application There are a total of 6 pages.

Download, print and then fill out the application offline. It is important that you write legibly or it could lead to printing errors in your passport that would require you to apply for corrections.

Download Passport Renewal Form Complete the form online then print it.

Use the table below to choose which form you need to complete.

The link will open a page where you can download the form and obtain instructions and tips for completing the application.


  1. Inside the United States Mail your completed application, including your most recent passport, name change document if applicable, photo, and fees, to one of the.

  2. US passport renewals made easy. Get step-by-step instructions and download application form DS-82. Learn how to renew your passport fast.

  3. If you already have a valid passport and you move, you may wonder if you need to renew or change the document. Because addresses aren't listed on American passports.

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