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For centuries, textiles and clothing styles have been one of the most obvious and poignant indicators of cross-cultural interchange.

With the rapid rise of globalization over the past several decades, the spread of fashion across global cultures has mirrored the changes in economy, culture, and daily life that globalization has brought.

Web Resources Encyclopedia of Fashion – Globalization What It’s Like At Fashion Week in Kazakhstan Iran holds first ever fashion week – Al Monitor First Azerbaijan Fashion Week scheduled for May 2015 Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week India: Lakmé Fashion Week Fashion to Die For: Did an Addiction to Fads Lead Marie Antoinette to the Guillotine? This type of migration is known as “irregular migration,” which involves foreign nationals living in countries in which they do not have a legal status, or foreign nationals working illegally in a country in which they do have a legal status.

Scholarly Articles (Available through UIUC Online Journals and Databases): Arora, S. But, sadly, due to the horrendous and dangerous conditions on many of the boats that carry these migrants, many of them never reach their destination.

These events not only allowed for the easier diffusion of Chinese cultural traditions throughout the world, but also contributed to an “accelerated a sense of Chinese identity,” as well as a confidence in that identity (Paulicelli and Clark, 2008).

As countries and cultures seek to define their cultural identity within the globalized context of the information age, fashion weeks are being born around the globe.

And lastly, the Council agreed to strengthen cooperation within European Union member states to comply with the Common European Asylum System, which is based on the 1951 Geneva Convention on the protection of refugees, and attempts to maintain a common European policy on protecting those asylum seekers who are fleeing violence in their home countries. Refugee protection and the role of law :conflicting identities. was International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action.

“Saving the lives of innocent people is the number one priority.Kazakhstan started their first ever fashion week in 2014, which received much attention from the fashion and lifestyle blogging world (Koopmans, 2014).Iran and Azerbaijan will celebrate their first ever fashion weeks this year.This exhibition, curated by Anna Chen, will explore the intersection of print and fashion. International Review Of Sociology, 18(2), 267-281 Books (Available through UIUC Libraries) Eicher, J. The Visible Self: Global Perspectives of Dress, Culture, and Society (3rd eds.). The individuals risking their lives to reach Europe through the Mediterranean do so for many, valid, reasons.Find more information about this topic with the resources below. They flee their home countries to escape war, poverty, or political persecution that has erupted in many African and Middle-Eastern states since the Arab uprisings of 2011.By studying the history and current trends in the fashion business, we not only address a fascinating and exciting field, but we can gain a better understanding of the complicated linkages that connect cultures and people in the modern world.An example of the tendency for fashion to signify larger global changes is the 1990’s trend of “Orientalism” in Western fashion.The Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week hosts shows rotated between in countries of China, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.These fashion weeks do not only serve to celebrate local fashion designers, they also attract international buyers and journalists that push forward the globalization of the fashion industry.The second objective is to pursue the traffickers themselves, through existing international legal channels.Thirdly, the Council vowed to prevent illegal migration by working with the countries from which the migrants flee in attempts to solve some of the problems that lead to the illegal migration.


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