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Vb prevent focus change textbox validating

Find the below sample screen shot for validating the fields before saving the data Img 3: Validation method Here I have validated the fields using the Boolean method, If all the field values are entered properly it will return true, other wise it will return false and will display an error message.

Validation is a very useful feature in VB6, which you implement in a variety of situations. So while coding for the login and registration forms, it is a must to include the validations for the controls on the forms.

You'll quickly stumble across the fact that different countries use different currencies and different decimal separators. You shouldn't assume a fixed currency or a fixed way to format your numbers. When i double click on solution file; it says "It is not a valid visual studio solution file" and when i double click on .vbproject file it is also showing an error.

But I must agree that, not suporting copy and paste (Ctrl c / Ctrl v) is bad. Handling 1)I agree about using case statement, I just hadn't got around to tidying it up.

Originally it was just going to be 3 or 4 options but it just kept going.

2) I will, in the future add exceptions for copy and paste etc.

3) I am aware of this and will add validation on other events later 4) Decimal i'm not sure how you mean, but currency, i agrre, i am going to add a currency symbol property to the textbox then use that as a variable for what the textbox will allow in currency mode.


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