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What is pdt identity token for validating orders

The Pay Pal REST API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol to authorize calls.

OAuth is an open standard that many companies use to provide secure access to protected resources.

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When an API client acts on behalf of multiple merchants at the same time, it becomes difficult and expensive to generate and manage multiple access tokens.

Instead, API clients can use this header to provide a JWT assertion that identifies the merchant when the API is called. Verifies that the payment originates from a valid, user-consented device and application. Transactions that do not include a client metadata ID are not eligible for Pay Pal Seller Protection. To receive revenue attribution, specify a unique build notation (BN) code.

For definitions of common REST API terms, see the Glossary.

Use these links to request more information about and construct an API flow that is relative to a specific request.

Each REST API request returns a success or error HTTP status code.

The API cannot complete the requested action and might require interaction with APIs or processes outside of the current request.

No systemic problems limit the API from completing the request.


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  2. PayPal Standard is an offsite payment. Paste your Identity Token into the field labeled PDT identity token for validating orders. Documentation. User Guide;

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