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Heather’s amazing facial reactions On a lighter note, Heather Marter has one of the best bitch faces we've ever seen (second only to Sadie Saxton, of course) and she could always be counted on for a well-placed stink-eye every time one of her housemates did something crazy in Vegas.

Considering she's about to become housemates with Flavor Flav, we think her reaction shots are about to see a major renaissance.

Couples Therapy cast member Dustin Zito was who's in a relationship with fellow ' Real World' cast member Heather Heather and Dustin aren't in.

This season, MTV is turning its cameras towards San Diego yet again, and one of the cast members, Samantha “Sam” Mc Ginn, is an out lesbian, and she chats with us about coming out, her experiences as a lesbian on the butch side of the spectrum, and hooking up with girls on the show. I’ve got broader shoulders for a girl, I’ve got the deeper voice, I’ve got the short hair, the jaw line — it’s kind of just how I was born.

After Ellen.com: Why did you want to be on AE: What was your best experience being on the show? AE: Do any of the cast members on the show have an issue with your sexuality? AE: There hasn’t been much butch representation on television or the media, and do you think you have been treated differently on the show than, say, if you were a femme lesbian? [laughs]AE: Did you make out with anyone in the cast?

Season 3 of "Couples Therapy," featuring four former MTV stars, starts tonight at 10/9c on VH1, and while we're banking on series staples like intense therapy sessions, shouting matches and buckets of tears, we can't help but wonder what issues might come to light for Heather Marter, Dustin Zito, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell.

"I was going to tell Heather so we could deal with it together." Zito remained tight-lipped until Marter found out — from her mother — on the show's April 27 episode.


  1. Mtvs real world initial attraction. are dustin zito and heather marter still dating dating vietnam 2007 watch online Ifievergetmychance #heather marter#dustin.

  2. The two met during Real World 25 Back to Las Vegas. During the season we saw plenty of roommates hooking up, but Dustin and Heather were the only real relationship.

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