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Who is trina dating currently

O., a longtime colleague and friend who was on tour with Trick and Trina before their careers took off, when they still had what he calls unfulfilled “champagne dreams.”Trick first performed the record at a small Tallahassee, Fla., nightclub called “The Moon,” C. Trina says she never meant to become an artist—let alone a performer known for theatrically narrated, and largely fictional, sexual proclivities.

It may have been Monica's big Mother's Day party...the talk of the evening was Lil' Wayne's set. He and his homie screamed into the mic asking her to come on stage, and Lil Wayne said he just had to let her know he "misses her and loves her." Ahhhh that never dying hood love. Trina, who's also known as the “Diamond Princess” and “Queen of Miami,” quickly flips through one of the many racks of leather and lace and mesh and fishnet and, seeing nothing that strikes her eye, moves on to the next rack of similar underwear-styled outerwear. Trina, an unsung heroine of American rap and its self-anointed "baddest b*tch," shops for the music video shoot for her new single "Money Ain't a Problem," a track in which she rhymes about giving her enemies bird flu and "shopping till my feet hurt." She's a local staple in this city and has shot peers such as Rick Ross to global fame, but elsewhere she remains relatively unknown.The gist of “Nann” is pretty straightforward: Trina resists Trick’s romantic overtures (“Hell no I don’t wanna holla [...] he all over there smelling like boonk and Hennessey), but he implores her to reconsider.It was Trina’s solo performance that sold the song and record on the crowd, bolstering the then-struggling Slip-N-Slide label, according to C. The crowd was attentive, sure, but wasn’t riled up until Trina, still unknown in the hip-hop world, strutted on stage in a diamond bra and matching miniskirt and took the mike.Meanwhile, her characteristic grittiness had off-putting impacts on her professional and personal life. She wanted to put a show together and make it big and be very extravagant,” C. explains, but “because she was a girl,” labels “played it safe” and stuck to the graphic rap they knew could make money.he didn’t have the push like a lot of other people. “Every album she put out, I think the label was always afraid.But these collaborations, while showing she could hold her own, might have fostered the transition in the public perception of Trina from an artist to accessory.People appeared as interested in her past romance with Lil’ Wayne (with whom she also collaborated) and the possibility that she was dating Rick Ross.Weezy, who performed three songs, gave a very "intimate" shout out Sunday night at Liv to Trina and appeared to still have some "feelings" for the queen of Miami. Too bad she's moved on with OKC baller and the NBA's 6th Man of the Year James Harden. 1 hits and a breakout year in 2016, Tory Lanez was an artist on a long grind to success.


  1. Who is trina dating The KGB Agent answer Trina is currently single. She broke up with her last boyfriend, Kenyon Martin, in 2007. She has also dated famous stars.

  2. Trina – Damn Ft Tory Lanez. artist that co-signed and worked with the Toronto native was Trina. rumors are circulating that the pair are currently dating.

  3. Who is Nicki Minaj currently dating? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question. Are Nicki Minaj and Trina dating?

  4. Trina Tries to Move On From Bad Girl Rap. Trina asks her entourage of a floor-to-ceiling metal pipe as she. and the possibility that she was dating Rick.

  5. Rumors about Trina Braxton dating Cee-Lo began this summer, and she let people know what's up with them on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show."

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