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Wordpress rss not validating

doesn't validate the url The idea of a dedicated function is ok, but I upload a patch to validate the url against a simple regex.It takes into consideration just http and https, a valid hostname or ip address, an optional port and an optional path.

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Guess what, it comes down to a single uppercase/lowercase typo that a search found in a few plugins and some older RSS templates I was using from pre WP 2.1 If you find anything sending “Content-type” (note “type” vs “Type”) then some browsers, readers, feeders will break and not know what that means. Because the RFC2616 specification says the case matters and some programmers follow the rules without allowing room for others that (accidentally) don’t.

Validate Children() is called, this validating event isn’t firing. Checked Then is Valid = True Exit For End If End If Next If is Valid = False Then Me. Set Error(Direct Cast(sender, Control), "Check at least one item") e.

Controls If Type Of ctrl Is Check Box Then If Direct Cast(ctrl, Check Box).

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